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Pleasure Craft Safety Check (PCSC)

The Pleasure Craft Safety Check is a free service provided by RCM-SAR to assist you as an operator of a small craft (up to 78′ or 24m in length) to help you maintain your vessel’s safety equipment to an acceptable marine standard.

A PCSC is not mandatory or required by law, but the law does require you to carry the required safety equipment. This legal requirement is there is to help improve your safety and that of your loved ones while you enjoy your time on the water.

During a check, a trained member of the RCM-SAR boards your vessel with your permission and conducts a thorough check of all safety equipment required to be on board according to the Canada Shipping Act, Small Vessel Regulations and Collision Regulations Guidelines. The member makes sure the equipment is present and in working condition, and discusses general safety awareness and safe boating practices.  Optional safety and navigational equipment is also checked for your benefit.

A PCSC check takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes for small vessels and longer for larger vessels depending on the quantity of equipment to be checked, the condition of the vessel and equipment on board and your interest in safety.  If this check is successful, you receive a decal to be placed on the vessel.

The RCM-SAR does not forward any of the information about a PCSC to any enforcement agency, regardless of whether a check is successful or not. If a check is unsuccessful, the member checking your vessel is there to help advise you on how you can remedy the deficiencies.

In the end, it’s safety first and when it comes to boating, safety means the safeguarding of your friends and family. We appreciate that you are a responsible boater who cares for those on your vessel.

Dates for safety checks will be posted here and on social media.

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