Nanaimo Station rescues four after their boat sinks off Valdes Island

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Stationb 27 rescued four people on Valdes Island Tuesday afternoon after their boat was swept out to sea.

The crew was training near Silva Bay when the call came for “wet People on the beach”

The Nanaimo crew was tasked by Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre and went to Cradale Point where they found four people on the beach. They had been salvaging their belongings and equipment from the water.

The crew loaded them and their gear into the J. C. McGregor and transported them to Ladysmith. They were warmed up and their health was assessed on the trip to Ladysmith. One was treated for head injuries and as all were wet they were treated for hypotherimia. An ambulance was called for the injured person.

A Coast Guard vessel arrived as the J. C. McGregor crew was leaving the site. The RCM-SAR crew suggested that they could ensure the sunken boat was secure, it had been tied to a tree on shore, and to evaluate the full tank of fuel on the boat.

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A dedicatioBerg-15-Jan-2017-14-19-45-1X7A9896 (1)n ceremony was held January 15, 2017, to officially open the newly renovated Ready Room for RCM-SAR Station 27. The Ready Room was dedicated to the memory of Marcus Negrin, the son of Garry and Dawne Negrin, of Lantzville, B.C. The memorial dedication was attended by 27 family and friends of the Negrin family. Guests were given tours of the Rescue Station and ride on the two rescue vessels.

So far, the generous donations from the Marcus Negrin Memorial Fund have been used to purchase materials to renovate the RCM-SAR Station 27 Ready Room and personal protective SAR gear for the SAR volunteers.

Additional funds have been set aside to build and equip new “Kids Don’t Float” boards. The signage will be placed around Nanaimo and the RDN, to bring awareness to boating safety and provided children’s Personal Floatation Devices for a loan on an honor based system.

Future plans will incluBerg-15-Jan-2017-14-01-51-1X7A9869de air-drying equipment for dry suits, gloves, and boots.

The members of Station 27 are unanimous in their appreciation for the generous support of the Negrin family and friends. This family joins many other charitable donors in and around the Nanaimo area that support the operations of this busy RCM-SAR Station. Their continuing patronage allows the volunteers of Station 27 to provide top quality SAR and Boating Safety services to the Nanaimo region.



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